The Three Things FriendFeed Needs

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So first off, FriendFeed is a great service and kudos to all those that have worked hard on it. I’ve been using the service for a little while now and I’ve come to believe there are three features that it really needs to make it into a much more powerful app.

1) Personal Ranking of Users and Content Type

Facebook already has this. When you get your news feed of your friends activity, you can signal a thumbs up (or the equivalent of a thumbs down) and Facebook learns what type of friend activity you are actually interested in. FriendFeed should give you the ability to do this both on a user level (i.e. friends you care about more than others) and on a friend service or content type level (e.g. I like their tweets but not their flickr photos). When it learns what you like, FriendFeed should show those items more often and respectively other items less often or never.

2) Importing of Feeds / Accounts from Users Who Aren’t on FriendFeed

Let me give FriendFeed access to my Twitter account and have it go retrieve and integrate the tweets from all the people I follow on Twitter. It shouldn’t matter if a user has a FriendFeed account or not provided their data is easily accessible. This of course means that FriendFeed will need to be able to associate FriendFeed members with their respective other user accounts on various services, but we each give it that information when we add our shared content and some additional user controls here would also help with this process.

3) Duplicate Reduction / Filtering

I post duplicate content to multiple services (as long as it is relevant to each audience) using Mahalo Share and I know that many other people do too. FriendFeed should be smart enough to hide duplicate or very similar content by default if it appears on multiple shared services within a fixed time period.

You’ll notice that a common theme here is the need for combing and filtering content. There is now so much content being created that tools will have to be built to help separate the signal from the noise. This is an area where Twitter desperately needs some work as well.

4 thoughts on “The Three Things FriendFeed Needs

  1. @engtech

    That’s awesome! Great job on that, I really like your use of Google’s Social Graph. Now if they can build this type of thing into the service and support multiple account types (e.g. Jaiku, tumblr, etc).

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  3. Sam –

    All good points, but especially, especially, for me, #1.

    A few of my ff friends are superduper users, and I’d love to be able to turn the volume down on them and, more importantly, their myriad friends.

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